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    All players and observers must wear approved eye-pro (eye protection) at all times during gameplay and/or outside of the no-fire zone. All goggles and safety wear must be shatter resistant and must meet ANSI z89.1 standards. Eye-pro must tightly cover the face preventing any and all access to the eyes. The use of full seal eye-pro and/or full face protection is required. Players aged 10-17 must wear full face protection and must have a signature by a parent or guardian.

    (All airsoft guns will be chronographed regularly every game day)
    • Sniper Rifles/ Single Shot Long Range Weaponry: 500 fps
    • Automatic Electric Guns (AEGs) 400 fps
    • Side-arms (Gas Blowbacks/Electric Pistols) 400 fps

    Barrel covers are required, must be the same covers used by paintball guns, available for sale. ( click here to view barrel cover example )

    All boundaries will be clearly marked around the borders of the playing areas. Any player leaving the designated field boundaries will be subject to expulsion from gameplay and/or banned from the field indefinitely.

    Live-fire zones include the playing field, chrono and test fire areas and will be clearly marked. Eye protection is required in these areas.

    All no-fire zones will be clearly marked. All airsoft guns will be completely safed; there will be no magazines in weapons, their chambers will be cleared, safeties on, and all barrel covers will be on. No-fire zones currently include the parking lot and staging areas.

    • Props should be considered permanent. You shall not move, alter or climb any of the field props.
    • When you are hit, you call yourself hit, put up your red rag (or hands) and walk off the field.
    • Shooting distance minimums are as follows.
      • Outside of the killhouse and room clearing, full auto is allowed and the minimum distance is 20'.
      • Inside the killhouse and room clearing are semi-auto or pistol only and the 20' rule does not apply. There will be no head shots in these areas. Only center mass shots are acceptable.
      • A gun that shoots over 450fps (sniper) must be semi only and is limited to a 100' minimum engagement.

    (All of the following rules carry the penalty of expulsion from the field if violated)
    • Any language that is verbally aggressive (profanity, threats of physical violence, degrading language, vulgar gestures) is strictly prohibited.
    • Any physical aggression (striking, grabbing, shoving, throwing objects, or shooting another player outside of gameplay) and any unwanted physical contact is strictly prohibited.
    • Theft and the handling of any other player's equipment without their express permission including theft from the field are strictly prohibited.
    • All patrons are expected to act with integrity and maturity. Anyone who becomes a danger to themselves or others will be ejected from the field.

    (The following items are strictly prohibited; anyone found carrying any of these items is subject to ejection from the field indefinitely)
    • Any blade longer than 4 inches
    • Firearms and Live Ammunition
    • Mace, Pepper Spray or other form of chemical weapons
    • Grenades, Mines, or other Explosives
    • Incendiary Devices (Fireworks, Smoke Bombs, Flashbangs etc.)
    • Potato Guns or any Compressed Air Launcher, unless approved by management.

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